Virginia Vineyards – Bull Run, Hamilton Station, Ox-Eye, Above Ground, Leaves of Grass, Cana

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated. Here are the new ones we’ve been to during the last part of 2012 and Jan 2013. We’ve been to quite a few favorites in-between these too since the little Mackenzie is winery friendly.

In order of visited and when we visited:
#98 – Winery at Bull Run – Jul 2012
#99 – The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards – Aug 2012
#100 – Ox-Eye Vineyards – Nov 2012
#101 – Above Ground Winery – Dec 2012
#102 – Leaves of Grass Vineyards – Jan 2013
#103 – Cana Vineyards and Winery – Jan 2013 Continue reading

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Virginia Vineyards – Otium Cellars, Hunters Run Wine Barn

We finally made it to a new vineyard after probably our longest hiatus of not visiting a new one (our 97th vineyard in Virginia). We decided on Otium Cellars since it was not so far away. We picked a great day to enjoy the outside and it wasn’t terribly busy so it was very cosy too. They have quite a few different varietals with some German varietals such as the Dornfelder. It was pretty fruit forward but tasty to the palette. We had went with the premium tasting and tasted around 10 wines. I like how they have so much outside seating as well as inside seating. The view was quite scenic too. Continue reading

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My Commodore Vic-20 Alive Again

So I continued my repair time today after a successful attempt with the Atari 2600. The Commodore Vic-20 was a simple repair involving turning a screw head marked as R10 next to the 6560/6561 chip under the metal casing (metal casing just pops up pretty easily – no tools needed). Continue reading

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Where have we been?

I guess I should explain why there haven’t been many posts about the vineyards or vino. It’s because we are expecting our daughter in a couple weeks. We are very anxious to meet her. We hope to have one of our first outings to be you guessed it… a Virginia vineyard! I never could quite enjoy wine too much without the lovely lady accompanying me so I sort of limited my wine intake during the past few months. It’s hard to imagine also in the past few months so many new vineyards cropping up.

During my hiatus, I even had a comment on one of my posts from DuCard. We had visited during their soft opening so they didn’t have all of their wines or their completed tasting room. It was nice to find out that they have a variety of food in addition to many more wines available. I’m excited to go for a visit sometime in the upcoming months once we venture out post-baby.

We also have a lot of wine to pickup from our club memberships. It’s nice that they will hold the wines there. I always wonder how many they will in fact hold but I never have tried to go more than about 3 shipments.

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Reviving my Atari 2600

The last time I had people over to the arcade, I found out that my Atari 2600, Commodore Vic 20, and Commodore 64 were all kaput due to various reasons. This was quite frustrating as it was the first time hooking them up since after we moved last June. It would’ve been nice to have that in addition to my upright arcade machines. I also have to find some time to hook up my multi Taito board into my Elevator Action cabinet, but it may be tough being that the baby could arrive at anytime. Continue reading

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Pouring for Barboursville at Vintage Virginia Wine Festival

<div class=\"postavatar\">Pouring for Barboursville at Vintage Virginia Wine Festival</div>

I finally took the plunge to pour wine tastings. It was yesterday for Barboursville at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival. It was a pretty pleasant day out with only a couple failed scares of rain and not nearly as many people as the day before. I really enjoyed it! It was quite intimidating the first few times but then it came pretty easily. You have to overcome not knowing everything about the wines and have confidence in what you do know. I read over quite a few of their tasting notes on their website throughout the week before and was able to taste beforehand. I’ve been to their winery numerous times but it’s hard to remember exactly what each tastes like. I have to admit it was nice pouring at one of my favorites too. I don’t think I’d be willing to pour at just any one there for the sake of it. Continue reading

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Virginia Vineyards – North Gate, Hiddencroft, Hunters Run

This past Saturday, we finally made it to some Virginia Vineyards since the visit for Pam’s birthday. It’s been quite busy with everything we’ve had to do with the condo and the house so we hadn’t had a free weekend until this past one. It turned out to be quite a pleasant day even though it looked like it was going to rain as we were heading out west. We picked up a lot of wine today since we are so low in our counts at home. Continue reading

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Virginia Vineyards – our last few visits

<div class=\"postavatar\">Virginia Vineyards - our last few visits</div>

This will be a very short post (Edit: Ok, it turned out to be much longer than anticipated). Please see my other posts for more information on each vineyard as I’ve written about them before. We haven’t been going as often but we need to start picking up the pace again with all the new wineries cropping up. We’re anxious to try out the new ones pretty close to us opening this weekend:Capitol, Desert Rose, and North Gate. Continue reading

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Vacation in Punta Cana at the Majestic Elegance

One of the poolsThis year’s vacation we decided to head to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Pam had stayed at a resort there in the past and we had recently been to the Dominican at a cruise stop a couple years ago. Last year’s vacation didn’t have a real beach so we wanted to make sure to not skimp on that this time around. Continue reading

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Virginia Vineyards – Notaviva, Hiddencroft, Fabbioli

train on Fabbioli's ceiling

train on Fabbioli's ceiling

It took until March but I’m finally going to write a bit about 2011 in the next few days.  For our first vineyard hop in 2011, we decided on Notaviva, Hiddencroft, and Fabbioli.   I’m quite impressed with all the blogs out there that write on a regular basis.  Including photos and taking the time to write really adds up quickly. Continue reading

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