Vacation in Punta Cana at the Majestic Elegance

One of the poolsThis year’s vacation we decided to head to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Pam had stayed at a resort there in the past and we had recently been to the Dominican at a cruise stop a couple years ago. Last year’s vacation didn’t have a real beach so we wanted to make sure to not skimp on that this time around.

The Majestic Elegance has mixed reviews on various sites such as Trip Advisor as do most resorts around the place. You never know what people’s specific situations, history, etc are so it’s hard to really go by those. You have to keep an open mind, not be picky, and remember you are on vacation. We try to remember to not sweat the small stuff and we want to just relax and have an awesome time with wherever it is we end up.

Another view of our roomFrom the second we arrived at the Punta Cana airport, we felt like we were going to have a great time. Our luggage was there. We had our ride there waiting to take us to the resort. The personal car we hired was perfect. We used Conexion Tour and Travel for our transportation to and from the airport and we had only good things to say about them. The AC in there was quite nice and the driver in both directions were both early and ready to take us where we needed to go.

When we arrived at the resort, the place looked amazing. It looked just like the photos we saw on the website and described like all the good reviews we had read prior to going. Our butler showed us around the place and also checked us in while we had a drink in hand. We were taken to the room and were quite impressed with it. It was very comparable to our room for our honeymoon.

Our RoomThe food was nothing to rave about. We both agree that the food on cruise ships are better than at resorts. We’ve stayed at numerous resorts and the food is never spectacular. At least it helps us not gain a lot of weight from eating so much. They have quite a few restaurants there at least which give some options. My biggest complaint about the restaurants is that you most have some dress code. It wasn’t that much of a dress code but still when I’m on vacation, I prefer to be able to wear what I want, including shorts and flip flops if I feel like it. Of course Pam was able to wear about whatever because usually at resorts, women can wear whatever and the guys’ dress code is more strict. I liked the French restaurant the best surprisingly and that was because of the steak was good quality meat and the dessert was a creme brulee even though for creme brulees, it was quite mediocre in comparison. Our worst restaurant choice was the Italian one where we both thought would be decent but somehow neither of us wanted to eat our food and we ate elsewhere instead.

The employees at the resort were overall quite friendly. There were of course some not as friendly as others just like at other resorts. It always helps to talk it up a bit with them and use as much Spanish as you can because many of them tend to like you trying to speak their language. We also befriended many guests staying there too. It’s easy to talk to people while on vacation and you know everyone is there to have a good time and relax without any problems.

We went with the Elegance Club option where there is a section without kids and some additional amenities like food and drinks available to grab at your convenience, also internet access on quite a few computers, more swimming pools, more bars, section on the beach, and bali beds. It’s barely any additional cost for this and we both found it very worth it to get this. It was a nice touch. There was also a separate check in process and came with a mini bar in the room where they had 4 liquors and also some beer and drinks and chocolate in your room.

We’re not really “show” people so we didn’t watch any of the shows. We only listened to some of the live music that they had daily. We heard that some of the shows seemed pretty lame so it didn’t seem like we missed much. I guess some people like going to all the shows but we tend to not enjoy them at past resorts and cruise ships so we decided to just skip them this time around.

Our beach for the weekWe drink a lot of water when we’re on vacation and unfortunately they had to recall the bottled water we had been drinking at the beginning of the vacation. We think that’s what caused us each to get sick. Unfortunately it’s not really the resort’s fault in my opinion. I don’t know the real story behind it but I guess we were bound to get sick while on vacation sooner or later from something like this.

We were very impressed with the beach area and the water. The water was quite clear, clean, and not too rough but enough waves coming. The shade cover was hard to come by though during most of the week unless you got there early. It was a struggle to get there early enough to get something because even though people aren’t supposed to save chairs, everyone was doing that anyway. It was frustrating knowing that people weren’t coming back but they got the best locations at the beach. Later on in the week, I figured out how to score them and we were fine.

The toilets were interesting as they were square and sat up higher than any other toilets I’ve seen around the world. That was one of the things that it would’ve been nice to have a regular toilet but it wasn’t bad enough to ruin the vacation. It was funny how so many people noticed them and mentioned it at the resort.

Overall, we were quite pleased with this place. I would go again but not sure if we ever will because I think it’s nice to try to go to new places. There are the same issues existing at this as any other resort but it was definitely a nice place to go. We stayed at the resort for the entire week without leaving foot off the grounds.

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  1. Lu says:

    Looks like a pretty nice place. I wish Club Ambiance in Jamaica had had better beaches, but it was a lot of fun anyway. I’m looking forward to my next out-of-country adventure, whatever that may be.

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