Virginia Vineyards – our last few visits

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This will be a very short post (Edit: Ok, it turned out to be much longer than anticipated). Please see my other posts for more information on each vineyard as I’ve written about them before. We haven’t been going as often but we need to start picking up the pace again with all the new wineries cropping up. We’re anxious to try out the new ones pretty close to us opening this weekend:Capitol, Desert Rose, and North Gate.

Back In February, we met up with Matt and Jenna to check out Hume. They had their new Seyval Blanc debuted in the tasting room as I had seen on Facebook that morning. I don’t normally choose Seyval Blanc as my preferred wine but compared to others, it was solid. I ended up picking the same one as last time I went, the Cab Sauv ’08. I’m looking forward to stopping there again. The tasting room has tables and chairs now so it seems more settled and less empty. They’re always friendly there too, which I always look for.

We then headed over to Philip Carter. They were out of a lot of their wines at the time so we settled on an Albemarle wine to share. I believe it was a red blend if I’m not mistaken.

Aspen Dale was our final stop since they hadn’t been there before and we were anxious to show them the pairings they do. They have a lot of different types of meats and cheese to pair. The decor in the tasting room is one of my favorites as well as their tasting itself because of the pairings. I like how I learned how well goat cheese and dark chocolate go together. I wouldn’t have ever guessed that in a million years. There is pheasant too even besides some other meat. You can even buy a large plate of a bunch of stuff to have with your wine while enjoying their live music on weekends. They had some games set up so I played my first game of backgammon in years. It was fun but it was hard to remember how to play and the setup at first. Their Rose wine (Mary Madeleine) is the best Rose if you ask me. The Cab Sauv is pretty decent too but unfortunately it’s not as good as the ’07. They haven’t updated their tasting sheets, which I find sort of odd because it still makes it look like they have the ’07 available. I guess most people don’t care but the first time noticing the bottle saying a different year threw me for a loop. We both really enjoyed the music during this visit by Ken Francis Wenzel. He played a lot we knew plus I think it’s nice when a musician accepts requests from people.

Later on in March, I believe we did a couple different trips. The first was at the wonderful Veramar so we could pick up our wines. We had two shipments available. They have one of the best wine clubs out there available at only $39 every 3 months for 2 wines each shipment. We got quite a few good wines, most of which have already been drank. We are running low on wines in general so we’ve been drinking them soon after purchase. We also bought some more of the Estate Club Cab Franc. They have one of the best Cab Francs out there!

We then headed to Hunters Run Wine Barn (Corcoran’s satellite tasting room), which is one of the best places to relax and enjoy music outside of our other winery hangout spots (Veramar, Bogati Bodega, Aspen Dale). We both like their Chambourcin so it works well as we can just share a bottle and enjoy. I wasn’t going to do the tasting since we had been out there relatively recently but I did it anyway. I really should skip tastings at times if there aren’t any new wines to try but it’s hard to say no. Another fellow patron said I looked familiar to them while we were there but neither of us could place the other. I just said that we go to vineyards in Virginia a lot so maybe we’ve crossed paths at another one before. I sort of wonder if anyone would recognize me from this blog (obviously if you know me outside of this blog, then you would).

Our last trip was at Bogati Bodega and Lost Creek ,spent hanging out with my brother who was in town for a job interview. I hope he gets it but unfortunately he would be working remotely so it wouldn’t put him any closer in distance to us. Bogati Bodega had a new tasting room pourer (Scott) and I must say he was great. He was quite knowledgeable and had even been to many of the vineyards around Virginia as well as Arizona (where we were going to be traveling) so we were able to ask him some advice. We ended up hanging out there with some wine and also got some pizza as we hadn’t tried their pizza before. I would highly recommend their Malbec. Both the food and wine definitely hit the spot. They had live music too by someone we had seen before and played a lot of familiar music. Good times!

We stopped next door at High Hill Country Store since we had never been and we had heard about their pies. Sure enough they had what I’ve been looking for, a strawberry rhubarb pie. So I got it! Pam ended up getting a peach pie. We had pie for quite a few days but it was tasty! They have many different pies available so chances are if you have a desire for pie, it can be fulfilled there. They didn’t have gooseberry pie though. I figure most people hadn’t even heard of it.

Lost Creek was pretty pleasant but neither of us are a fan of their wines still. We’ve only been there once before, about two years ago. I guess some people must really like them though as it seemed pretty busy, including seeing people wanting to have their wedding there. We had ours at Veramar and had no regrets. The tasting room is quite spacious and they also had live music going on by a musician we had seen a couple times ago, at Aspen Dale. We’ll definitely give them another try again.

Soon I will write about our Arizona winery visits last Friday! Hopefully it won’t be too far from now.

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  1. kurt says:

    We bought a Groupon from Bogati Bodega so we will be out there sometime soon.

    • Geoff says:

      We’ve actually never tried their pairing before so you should let us know how it is. By the way, I’m still looking forward to trying North Gate’s Petit Verdot. April is a pretty busy month for us though so not sure if we’ll make it out there or not quite yet.

  2. Correction: Capitol Vineyards’ grand opening is on the 9th, not this weekend.

  3. josh says:

    Thanks for picking up the check!

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