Virginia Vineyards – North Gate, Hiddencroft, Hunters Run

This past Saturday, we finally made it to some Virginia Vineyards since the visit for Pam’s birthday. It’s been quite busy with everything we’ve had to do with the condo and the house so we hadn’t had a free weekend until this past one. It turned out to be quite a pleasant day even though it looked like it was going to rain as we were heading out west. We picked up a lot of wine today since we are so low in our counts at home.

North Gate -
We decided to start out at a place we hadn’t been to before, North Gate (our 95th Virginia Vineyard visited). We were lucky enough to have one of the owners, Vicki, pour for us. She was full of information and stories and it was quite a pleasure to be in their tasting room trying their wines. It seems the Petit Verdot that everyone tasted a few months ago that I had heard good things about was the 08. However we tried the 09 and I was pleasantly surprised with it. Unfortunately, I hadn’t even had any Petit Verdot or much Virginia wine in general the past couple months making it hard to give it real credit. We ended up getting a few bottles of that as well as a Meritage, Merlot, and a Viognier.

What can I say except we need some wine as we’ve moved and didn’t want to move a bunch of wine. I really like their green LEED certified tasting room. We were especially impressed with their decor. Throughout the place are recycled materials but yet looks great. It’s quite an attractive tasting room inside and out including a great outside view and ample seating. We will definitely go back.

Hiddencroft -
We’ve been here pretty recently but it’s also one of our favorites. They had a cherry wine that we figured Pam’s dad would like so we figured if anything, we could pick up one of those for him. Our pourer this time was one of the daughters. She was quite informative and knowledgeable as well as truly enjoys being there. It turns out they are moving their main tasting room next door to the property they just bought. I had no idea until we were there so it’s good we got to have a tasting in there for one last time. The new tasting room will be a house so I’m assuming based on her description, it will be a similar setup as Winery at La Grange but a bit better in that the rooms will have more room for people to sit, hang out, and enjoy their wine. As always, we enjoyed their wine and everyone is always so friendly. I think Pam prefers their Vitus Rubus which is their Raspberry Chambourcin whereas I prefer their 07 Chambourcin. They also have an 08 Chambourcin made a bit differently and of course Pam and I don’t agree on which of the two is better :) I vaguely remember this from last time too. We ended up joining their wine club too because we like their wines and it’s very low key with no requirements. To do so, you simply buy 12 bottles of whatever wine you want from them and you will always get 2 free tastings and 15% off any future wine you buy. I love this concept because there are no commitments.

Hunters Run Wine Barn -
This is one of the places that is very convenient as it’s literally right on 9. The ambiance is awesome. Another thing nice about is that we are recognized by the staff like Anne although I think this is the first time I actually met Geri. Anne was our pourer and I was surprised to find out they taste and sell Cave Ridge wines instead of Corcoran now. This is a great choice on their part on selecting Cave Ridge. I preferred the Fossil Hill and Pam preferred the Riesling. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Red Silk (a Cabernet Franc) that we had a couple years ago at the actual Cave Ridge tasting room. That Cab Franc is one of the best ones and definitely worth trying if you ever get a chance. They have vines planted now and just received their license that week before we were there to start having their own wine. I am looking forward to having their Hunters Run wine with their Cave Ridge winemaker. The only unfortunate part about our visit is we were hoping for some music as they always have music there but there wasn’t any. It turns out it was because of the beer festival nearby. We didn’t even know about it. Corcoran is starting to get more into the beer business now I guess and we look forward to trying their new beer from Corcoran Brewing.

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  2. It seems Hiddencroft will have their grand opening of their new tasting room on 7/23 and 7/24. Be sure to check it out and let me know how it is as we will be unable to visit that weekend.

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