Reviving my Atari 2600

The last time I had people over to the arcade, I found out that my Atari 2600, Commodore Vic 20, and Commodore 64 were all kaput due to various reasons. This was quite frustrating as it was the first time hooking them up since after we moved last June. It would’ve been nice to have that in addition to my upright arcade machines. I also have to find some time to hook up my multi Taito board into my Elevator Action cabinet, but it may be tough being that the baby could arrive at anytime.

I managed to find about an hour available this past Sunday to spend reviving my Atari 2600. The problem with it was no screen at all. I had gotten the little spark when connecting the power supply up but that was it. I figured it was just really dusty since I had it out before we moved for a couple years where it could gather dust constantly. I probably hadn’t fired it up in about a year. Now I’m wondering if I should create a cover for it. It was really poor design to let dust into the cartridge slot or was it genius because they could sell more from people being too lazy to fix problems themselves.

I must give credit to the following 2 sites as I used their suggestions for my thorough cleaning: and Without the Internet and those two sites, who knows if I would’ve done a good enough job cleaning. First attempt my Atari 2600 powered up fine to the expected screen. My Atari also sparkles again.




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2 Responses to Reviving my Atari 2600

  1. leftylimbo says:

    Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave feedback. It’s great to know that my article was of service, and even nicer to know there’s another shiny/healthy Atari 2600 out there—the result of a proud owner who cared. Well done.

    Wow, you’ve got an Elevator Action cabinet? Classic. A Taito multi-board? I didn’t know about those. Crazy!

    • Thanks! I really liked your write-up. Very informative and descriptive.

      Yeah, I have that as well as a Gyruss and a Gorf, if you know those games too. They have all sort of multi boards out there for Arcade machines, some good, some bad. The Elevator Action cabinet (which is actually converted from Jungle Hunt) is without the original board or harness so it suits having it with the multi Taito. It soon will be able to play 20 games on it including Elevator Action, Jungle Hunt, and Zookeeper, which are my favorite arcade games that Taito made.

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