Where have we been?

I guess I should explain why there haven’t been many posts about the vineyards or vino. It’s because we are expecting our daughter in a couple weeks. We are very anxious to meet her. We hope to have one of our first outings to be you guessed it… a Virginia vineyard! I never could quite enjoy wine too much without the lovely lady accompanying me so I sort of limited my wine intake during the past few months. It’s hard to imagine also in the past few months so many new vineyards cropping up.

During my hiatus, I even had a comment on one of my posts from DuCard. We had visited during their soft opening so they didn’t have all of their wines or their completed tasting room. It was nice to find out that they have a variety of food in addition to many more wines available. I’m excited to go for a visit sometime in the upcoming months once we venture out post-baby.

We also have a lot of wine to pickup from our club memberships. It’s nice that they will hold the wines there. I always wonder how many they will in fact hold but I never have tried to go more than about 3 shipments.

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2 Responses to Where have we been?

  1. Scott says:

    time to end that hiatus … the little one is probably walking now – ha – that’s the end of life as you knew it. Did I say we were family friendly? Congratulations See you back at DuCard sometime soon we hope – check the website for new releases and full (extensive) calendar of events too.

    • Geoff says:

      Thanks so much Scott! We look forward to visiting again as we haven’t even been since you fully completed your tasting room. We have heard great things from friends that have been lately. And yes, heh, she has been walking now for a few weeks.

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